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Meet Ruthlyn

Hi there, I’m here to guide YOU through life’s challenging health care situations. 

First, know that I am not about What To Do.” I am about “Getting It Done.” 

Second, as a business owner myself, I understand the struggles small business owners go through to keep the dream alive. I’ve also seen health care issues derail even the best-laid plans. I’m here to tell you, this doesn’t have to be you. 

A bit about my “creds”: I have a Master’s degree in Public Administration. I’ve worked for the government and the pharmaceutical industry. I know all about navigating complex bureaucracies. I’ve worked as a health advocate and have had the pleasure of serving persons spanning all walks of life. I also know that Baby Boomers and their children are struggling to balance work and life responsibilities. Know that I’ve got your back!

What you can expect: I bring a unique blend of expertise gained from working and in government, not-for-profit, and pharmaceutical into building Healthwhiz.

I’ve learned a lot from watching individuals who’re dealing with rare disease diagnosis. Mostly, I’ve learned that the degree to which a person finds balance in his or her life and maintain control over their responsibilities often comes from them knowing-and accepting they can’t go it alone.

Through Healthwhiz, I am bringing big-business know-how and applying it with my own personal touch to give comfort to select individuals and small business owners who’ve accepted that they need a trusted partner and guide to help cut through health care red tape.

Most importantly, I am passionate and committed to seeing you, your family, and your employees succeed. 

Peace, love, and respect to all!

I am here to help.