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Provide employees with access to high-value health care support when they need it.

What Would It Mean For Business If Employees Are Focused On Work Rather Than Overburdened By Personal Stress?

Your employees are overwhelmed. They're stressed. They’ve got lots on their plates and never enough time to get it all done. Leaving them no choice but to spend valuable work time on personal stuff—whether it’s making doctor appointments, fighting with health insurance and billing companies, or running errands. 

We get it. All of these non-work activities lead to lower productivity and, ultimately affect the bottom line.

With Healthwhiz, select small employers are able to offer their employees customizable solutions that:

Best of all, we don't have limits. Making this a great option for small business owners who're looking to spend quality time with loved ones while still growing their businesses.

Want to know more about how your company can improve employee productivity with personalized health care concierge solutions?