Don’t fall prey to spreading unfounded claims about the Coronavirus

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Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus towards the end of 2019, there’ve been plenty of misinformation and false claims spreading like wildfire on social media platforms. I’ve even seen health-focused sites pedaling false narratives and promoting cures that haven’t been verified.

I am glad people are paying attention and actively looking for information. But, before you hit that “Like” or “Share” button on an article you’ve read, you might just want to verify some of those claims.

By the looks of things, it seems to me that social platforms, like Facebook, are having a difficult time curbing the spread of some this incorrect information. They can’t seem to keep up. 

My suggestion to everyone – stay informed by connecting to reliable sources.

Here at Healthwhiz, we’re about empowering our communities to make informed decisions. I encourage you to keep the conversation going.

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