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Did You Know?

The average employee spends about 42 minutes per day (or more than 5 hours of the work week) attending to personal tasks while on the clock.

Disengaged employees lost productivity cost U.S. employers over $15 billion every week — that’s $780 plus a year.

Illness-related lost productivity costs employers $530 billion per year.

Chances are your employees have lots going on and never enough time to get everything done. They are overwhelmed. They are stressed. Many are tackling personal chores during the workday — whether that’s making doctor appointments, fighting with insurance and medical billing companies, or running errands.

All of these non-work activities are leading to lower productivity and can ultimately affect the company’s bottom line. But to change behaviors and boost productivity, employees will need a little extra help to lessen their stressors.

Healthwhiz Solutions Employee Advocacy Benefits offer a bounty of resources for employers to help employees balance their work and personal lives, with the emphasis placed on health care.

Our solutions:

We’ve designed the Employee Advocacy Benefits program with small employers in mind and have crafted our packages to be affordable and fully customizable.

If your company does not currently provide health insurance coverage, these value-added benefits could set you apart from other employers.

If your company provides employee health coverage but can’t afford the high costs for employee benefits offered through large health and wellness companies, take a look at our solutions.

Our Services

Benefit Advisory

Employees will have access to our licensed advisors who they can go to with questions about their health insurance plan coverage.

Advisors will:

Health Care Facilitation

Our Client Concierges are the engine that drives our Health Care Facilitation program. Simply put, they make the process of navigating health care seamless.

Employers will have a designated Client Concierge who will take lead on facilitating introductions for employees with other Healthwhiz professionals (i.e., case managers, benefit advisors, pharmacy partners, etc.).

The Client Concierge will provide employees with support and guidance through a myriad of health care situations.

On-Call Pharmacist

Our pharmacy partners work in conjunction with Client Concierge to:

Advance Directive Facilitation

If we’ve learned anything from the Covid-19 pandemic, is that we must be better prepared for the unexpected. In these times, having a health care plan is no longer optional – it’s a must. Our trained facilitators will guide individuals throughout the entire process of creating advanced care pans.

They will:

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