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Getting Shots In The Era Of COVID-19

Can I get a flu shot? Butterflies in my stomach, just as if it were the first day of school before the coronavirus changed everything. As a pharmacist giving shots in a pandemic is a brand-new game...
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As a pharmacist giving shots in a pandemic is a brand-new game with new rules to follow–wearing masks, completing COVID questionnaire, and taking temperatures. The biggest change of all–no companions allowed in the area where shots are given.

What separates me from any customer is a mask, face shield and a piece of large plastic that you might see at your local grocery store.

In the beginning when we went back to giving shots, I was concerned that might not be enough protection between me and the customer who is less than 6 feet away. Now that we are months into it, I can honestly say that things have gotten a lot easier. The anxiety has diminished. Administering shots has now become part of my daily routine. I put on my PPE, make my preparations to administer the shot, and get ready for the next customer.

It’s all about safety first

 Yes, you can get a flu shot, Shingles shot, or other types of vaccines you may need. Here is why…

The necessary precautions are being taken to ensure the health and safety of all customers. There are a couple of options to receive a shot: (1) make an online appointment or (2) walk-in.

Here is what you can expect when you arrive at the pharmacy:

  • You will be asked to fill out two forms – an immunization and COVID questionnaire.
  • Staff will take your temperature.
  • Staff will process the paperwork and collect fees if necessary. This could take 20 minutes or more, depending on how many customers are before you.
  • The pharmacist will escort you to a private area where they will administer the shot. She may ask some further questions about your paperwork. This is also your opportunity to ask the pharmacist questions.


If you have an appointment, plan to show up on time to avoid un-necessary delays. Dress for the occasion. Arrive at the pharmacy with your mask covering your mouth and nose and wear a shirt that exposes your upper arm. The shot will be given in the upper arm.

Can’t wait to see you!

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