Governor Cuomo Extends Open Enrollment Amidst Pandemic

The news many have been waiting for. Open enrollment for uninsured New Yorkers extended through March 31.

Governor Cuomo’s office issued a press release on Thursday announcing the creation of a new special enrollment period that will extend open enrollment through March 31st. Previously, open enrollment was set to expire on January 31st. This extension gives uninsured New Yorkers an extra two more months to enroll for health coverage.

Who this is for.

New York residents needing to purchase individual and family coverage on their own.

Open enrollment is available for those who don’t have job-based health coverage, don’t qualify for Medicare, or ineligible for Medicaid and other government-sponsored benefit programs. This once a year enrollment period is an opportunity for impacted individuals to enroll for health coverage without having to present a qualifying event. [See our previous post on Marketplace open enrollment for more information.]

Pay attention to when coverage begins. Start dates vary depending on when a person enrolls in a plan. For example,

  • Enroll by February 15: Coverage starts March 1
  • Enroll by March 15: Coverage starts April 1
  • Enroll by March 31: Coverage starts May 1  

Persons who are eligible for Medicaid, Essential Plan and Child Health Plus can enroll at any time throughout the year.

How I can help?

If you’re losing job-based health insurance, now is the time to start planning for post-employment. If you don’t currently have coverage, stop procrastinating. Let me help you map out your blueprint for coverage, at no cost to you. 

As a New York State of Health certified broker, I can help you understand your coverage choices (both on and off the marketplace), and enroll in a plan that fits your health care needs and budget. 

Many ways to connect with me.

  1. From the New York State Of Health (NYSOH) website, click on Get Enrollment Help under Individuals and Families, then enter my last name (Noel-Joseph) and select Broker under Type of Agent.

  1. If you’ve already started an application on NYSOH, call the state’s hotline (1-855-355-5777) and ask the representative to add me as the broker of record on your account. 

  1. Call my office at 516-223-0704 to schedule an appointment

  1. Send a message through our website and we’ll contact you.

We help businesses too. 

If you’re looking to offer coverage to employees and want to take advantage of small business tax credits, let’s discuss your options through the Small Business Marketplace.

These are unprecedented times. Now, more than ever, having health coverage is essential for ensuring you have appropriate access to care and treatment. Don’t miss your chance to get covered. 

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