Coverage For Retirees

Medicare plan help/do an important role in the quality of life for individuals during retirement. It gives eligible persons to guaranteed health coverage. This coverage helps insulate them from rising healthcare costs. However, the enrollment process can be confusing and prone to mistakes.

Medicare mistakes can  costly. Choosing the wrong type of insurance, the wrong time to enroll, or even the wrong plan could cost you thousandseven tens of thousandsof dollars.

In conclusion, don’t let just anyone help you make critical Medicare decisions. Get enrollment guidance from a source who’ll take the time to understand your unique needs.

If you:

We can help you navigate through your available options.

What We Offer

Medicare Advantage

Advantage of medicare  plans help/cover the same services as Original Medicare (i.e., Part A & Part B) and are offered through private companies that contract with Medicare.

Most importantly, plans may also include prescription drug coverage and other value-added benefits (i.e., dental, vision, and transportation).

Prescription Plan

Medicare Part D Prescription drug plans are offered through insurance companies that contract with Medicare. Carriers can offer stand-alone plans or plans combined with Medicare Advantage (MAPD).

PDP gives you access to the necessary medication that you might need.

Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement (also called Medigap Plans) are sold through insurance companies but covers the out-of-pocket costs for persons with Original Medicare .

This may include co-insurance, co-payments, deductibles, the gaps between what Medicare pays and the total expense, and even emergencies while overseas.