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Healthwhiz Solutions To Make Caresync Concierge Its Wholly Owned Subsidiary

Healthwhiz Solutions to obtain the shares of CareSync Concierge, LLC which will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company.


NEW YORK, April 3, 2023 — Healthwhiz Solutions Inc. today announced it has agreed to obtain the shares of CareSync Concierge, LLC. The company will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Healthwhiz Solutions. 

Having CareSync Concierge® as its wholly-owned subsidiary allows Healthwhiz Solutions to focus on expanding its core business – selling health and life insurance products and servicing those customers’ needs. The company’s flagship patient advocacy program, Care By Healthwhiz (CBH), will transition to CareSync Concierge® to better leverage the company’s HIPAA-compliant remote patient monitoring solutions and Virtual Wellness Clinic, powered by Bodysite, to deliver lifestyle modifications and customized care plans to patients nationwide via Telehealth consultations. Our new DiaBuddy Experience RemoteCare Providers will deliver their clinical services expertise plus leverage their affiliate relationships and education materials to better support customers, especially those struggling with diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic health challenges so they enjoy a better quality of life.  

Furthermore, CareSync Concierge® will continue to operate the School of Remote Patient Care to educate, empower, inspire, and then hire a nationwide group of passionate healthcare professionals who want to work directly for patients looking for cost-saving and life-savings solutions that will enhance outcomes. The School of Remote Patient Care is setting a new standard in patient engagement by r by replicating the Asheville Project in North Carolina which has been recognized as the Gold Standard of Care for those struggling to manage their diabetes. Since the pandemic, the School of Remote Patient Care has mentored close to 600 PharmD candidates from over 30 Colleges of Pharmacy and Universities on how to do more than just dispense prescriptions and count pills in fast-paced retail environments. 

Healthwhiz Solutions, founder, Ruthlyn Noel-Joseph, will serve as President of both companies and the Chief Benefits Advisor at Healthwhiz Solutions. CareSync Concierge® founder, Ken Sternfeld, will serve as the Director of Patient Advocacy & Engagement and Chief DiaBuddy Officer, while K Donaldas Gudenas, PharmD will serve as the Director of Education and Experiential eLearning. Brittney Simeon will serve as the Manager of Marketing Communication and Director of Affiliate Relationships for both companies. 

Ruthlyn Noel-Joseph, said, “We are delighted and honored to have CareSync Concierge® as Healthwhiz Solutions first wholly-owned subsidiary and eager to finalize the process. Ken has been a mentor and friend whom I have partnered with on many occasions over the years, so it’s extra special that we’re now working together to fill the gaps in care. We very much look forward to leveraging CareSync Concierge® partners to help achieve our goal of helping thousands of American families live healthier, better lives.” 

Ken Sternfeld said “My daughter Emily told me recently—Dad, you’re a lifelong dreamer who believes that there can be a better world if you focus on helping others by providing the care, compassion and empathy we all need and are looking for in this new post-pandemic era. All I can say now is that my daughter’s words made me cry as one of my dreams was answered when Ruthlyn came into my life as my patient advocate last year at this time.” Sternfeld added. “Navigating the horrific challenges that exist, makes patients want to give up. Ruthlyn walked me through the entire process that allowed me to secure the long-term care and support at home that I needed, so it was a natural progression to move CareSync Concierge under her Healthwhiz Solutions umbrella of care” Sternfeld concluded.  


Healthwhiz Solutions will submit its formal application for the proposed conversion with New York State in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. The conversion will be finalized upon obtaining approval. 


About Healthwhiz Solutions, Inc. 

Healthwhiz Solutions is an insurance agency working to eliminate guesswork and anxiety around coverage and care decisions so that families can have access to the care they deserve and a more secure future. Healthwhiz Solutions is based in Baldwin, New York. Information about the company’s insurance products and services can be found at or call or text 1-516-223-0704.  


About CareSync Concierge®, LLC. 

CareSync Concierge® is committed to delivering solutions that meet the needs of patients and providers in a healthcare system forever shaped by the Coronavirus. The singular mission of CareSync Concierge® is to educate, empower, inspire, and then hire a nationwide group of Pharmacists, PharmDs, and most importantly, Students of Pharmacy, who can all safely work in a Telehealth environment to deliver a new standard of care. Our model offers any member of the pharmacy profession, at any stage of their career, the opportunity to enhance their role as a critical part of a patient’s health care team. 

For more information, visit or call 1-844-697-9847. 


CareSync Concierge® is a registered trademark of CareSync Concierge, LLC. All other brands mentioned are the property of their respective owners. 

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