Coronavirus fever affecting you yet?

Does it seem all everyone wants to talk about these days is COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus Disease 2019)?
Coronavirus on black background

I’ve been making my rounds on the networking circuit and have noticed that handshakes are way down. Folks are cordial, but that hand is staying by their sides. Forget about hugging. People are not so eager to greet others with a hug anymore.

At this one event, someone demonstrated for the group their new ways of greeting others. Say hello to the “elbow bump” and “the kick”! We got a good laugh out of those.

But in all seriousness, we are dealing with a health crisis that is unlike anything we’ve seen before in this part of the world. The coronavirus is changing how we engage with each other—it’s all everyone wants to talk about. The one issue of utmost concern is mandatory quarantine whereby some people could find themselves restricted from leaving home for weeks. This has everyone on heightened panic mode.

I’m not a medical professional, but I think it’s safe to say this is an evolving situation. There’s plenty the experts don’t yet know about the Coronavirus, including how it spreads from person-to-person.

This leaves people hungry for more information. And, with that comes plenty of misinformation—whether it’s about how the disease came to be or what we should be doing to protect ourselves. All of does is create confusion and make it difficult for the rest of us to separate fact from fiction.

Your health and well-being matter to us.

As the situation evolves, we will advise on key issues and post to our website here. After all, the best any of us could do right now is to take the time to learn about the risks this virus poses to our livelihood, so we can make informed decisions.   

We want this effort to be beneficial to you. Share with us what you want to hear more about, and we’ll do our best to get you answers, if available.

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