In times of crisis

We’ve Got You Covered!

Why struggle alone – let us help you cross tasks off your “to-do” list.

Our different approach is designed to fit our clients’ unique situation and is not right for everyone. Right out of the gate, we aim to create a safe, trusting space, where open and honest dialogue can occur naturally. That involves getting to know you as a person and your pain points so we can create a plan that’ll best address your needs.

With our concierge service solutions, there are no membership fees or annual contracts. Clients pay only for what they need. They can choose the Pay-As-You-Go plan or one of our Pre-Paid Packages. 

Services can be arranged on a temporary basis to get you through a healthcare crisis, or on an on-going basis.

We Help Make Life Easier.

Capture health care wishes and share with designated entities

Provide step-by-step Medicare enrollment guidance for those turning 65

Help understand benefits options

Coordinate care among multiple providers

Schedule doctor appointments

Review medical bills and resolving billing errors

Find and compare costs before getting procedures or care

Compare costs for prescriptions 

Help seniors identify and assess housing and other healthcare issues

Arrange transportation for appointments

Wellness check-in

Grocery shopping