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Have you thought about how you'd like to be treated if seriously ill? Do you know who you'd want to make health care decisions for you if unable to speak for yourself?

These are not easy decisions or conversations. But this is probably one the most precious gifts we can give to our loved ones. 

Here at Healthwhiz, we see healthcare decision-making as an ongoing process. What may be appropriate today might not work for you a year, or even five years, from now. And, that’s okay. The key is starting. As you come to understand your options, you’ll have a better sense of what you need and will make decisions that are in your best interest. The key is documenting your wishes.

We’ve created the MyWishes Simplified program to make the process easier by empowering individuals to document and communicate their wishes. We offer a structured program, focused on educating individuals about their options and providing one-on-one support with completing your state-specific healthcare directives. We go at your pace. We ask simple, straight forward questions to ensure you understand your options and are thinking about what’s important to you. Once you’ve completed your documents, we’ll provide tools to help you communicate with your loved ones.

Best of all, you get to have a voice in your medical care—even when you can’t communicate yourself. And though it may not seem that important now, your loved ones would come to appreciate not having to guess what you’d want or worry about making the wrong decisions. 


We help document your preferences for medical and/or surgical procedures should you become unable to communicate. 

We assist you in setting up someone you trust as your healthcare designee and filing the appropriate state form.

You’ll receive a custom wallet card that your doctors and/or emergency personnel can scan to instantly be directed to information about your plan.

You’ll get a durable binder that’ll protect and organize your important health care documents for years to come—customized just for you. 

We’ll make copies and share with your healthcare proxy, primary care doctor and lawyer, as directed.

Update your documents any time in the client portal, at no extra cost for up to 2 years.

Update your documents any time in the client portal, at no extra cost.

Your information is protected and secured on a HIPAA compliant system. The system we use is the same used by hospital systems throughout the US.


SCHEDULE Consultation

Setup your free 20-minute phone consultation to learn more about MyWishes Simplified.

Document Your Wishes

Meet with an advisor to start putting together your healthcare plan.

sign your documents

We’ll give you step-by-step guidance for signing and witnessing your state-specific forms to ensure your documents will be effective.

CREATE Wallet cards & binders

Once documents are completed, we'll create your personalized wallet card and binder.

share copies

You'll let us know who you’d like to share the documents with and we'll handle sending those out.

Adjust documents

You can make changes free of charge.

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