A message from our founder

The idea for Healthwhiz Solutions came about after several life events – some personal, others things I’ve witnessed throughout my 10+ years in healthcare. 

Prior to starting the company, I worked as a policy and patient advocate supporting people affected by rare conditions. My job initially was to help secure access to care and services for patients through policy or legislative measures. But, as health plans started creating policies that limited access, I became more involved in directly engaging payers and providers. I also spent a considerable amount of time teaching patients about health coverage and how to navigate the system.

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During that time, I saw patient after patient struggle to get health coverage, find specialists, or get a proper diagnosis. Their struggles became my burden as I’d often take it upon myself to find them a resolution. However, I was always the advocate. Never a patient. That all changed in 2018 when I faced my own health challenges. 

I’ll spare you the gory details (ask me about it sometime). But I went from being fine one day to having severe pain and eventually needing surgery to remove ovarian cysts – all in the space of three months. After surgery I got an infection that resulted in having to undergo an additional treatment. 

That experience gave me a different perspective on what it meant to be a patient and helped shape what became Healthwhiz Solutions. 

In creating Healthwhiz Solutions, I sought to build a company that would help individuals who are afflicted with serious health challenges and provide them with personalized support. I wanted to give them a dedicated team who’ll work tirelessly to get them what they need so they can focus on the fight that really matters most—taking care of themselves or loved ones.

I invite you to give us a chance and experience the impact a personal advocate can have on your health and well-being.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Healthwhiz was created to support individuals with handling their health care responsibilities. The company seeks to provide quality and trustworthy advice, education and support to persons in the New York City and Long Island areas.

Our main goal is to provide the highest quality service at the best price possible.

We are proud to offer value added services such as:

  • Education and guided support for Medicare and Healthcare Directives 
  • Coordination of medical and in-home services
  • Assistance with medical bills and claim denials     
  • Evaluation of providers and facilities
  • Keeping caregivers and extended family members informed
  • And so much more!
To inspire individuals to play a more informed and active role in managing their healthcare.
We offer innovative solutions that relieve stress and provide a more satisfactory experience for clients seeking to access, understand and navigate the healthcare system.


The WHIZ PROCESS is the core values guiding our strategy, brand and culture. These values ensure that clients know exactly what to expect from us, at all times. 


Understand the client’s challenges & needs

Determine Fit

Ensure we are a good fit

Be Resourceful

Personalized solutions that gets to the root of the problem

Be Reliable

A one-of-a-kind experience our clients’ can count on


  • We work for YOU. We are committed to ensuring you have information and support to make your interactions with the healthcare system stress free.
  • We have a deep understanding of policy and reimbursement, particularly those surrounding Medicare, Medicaid and private health plans.

  • We have the experience you can count on. Our founder spent well over a decade helping people with rare conditions navigate the nuances of the healthcare system. She has taught thousands with bleeding disorders and other rare conditions about choosing the right plan and advocating for themselves
  • We are passionate about our business which entails serving our customers, studying our industry, and living our core values.
  • We abide by the professional standards set forth by the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates (APHA) and the National Association of Health Advocacy Consultants (NAHAC). Both stresses accountability, confidentiality and integrity for all independent professional advocates.