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Taking you from confusion to clarity so you know exactly what to do to have health care success.


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Welcome To Healthwhiz.

We help select individuals cut through red tape so they can focus on what really matters. Could our solutions take you from overwhelmed to having more control over your health care?


Healthwhiz Solutions offers comprehensive health insurance and value-added support solutions for our individuals and employees.

Insurance Services


Confused about your Medicare choices? We help folks just like you understand the basics of Medicare, when to enroll, and best coverage for their needs.

Individual & Family

Looking for health coverage. Let us end your decision confusion. We know the options and plans and can help you choose the best for you.

Dental & Vision

Need coverage for dental and vision procedures. We have stand-alone plans to fit any need.

Travel Medical Insurance

Traveling outside your home country for business, pleasure, medical missions, or study. Don't forget your coverage.

Employee Services

Benefit Advisory

Licensed advisors to help address insurance concerns.

Health Care Facilitation

Client advocates to help work through health care problems.

On-Call Pharmacist

Licensed pharmacist to answer questions about medications.

Advance Directive Facilitation

Trained facilitators to assist with creating advance directives.


Covid-19 Or Something Else?

You don’t feel quite right. You’ve got a runny nose, cough, or congestion. You don’t have much of an appetite because everything seems to upset your stomach. You’re worried. Is it Covid-19? The flu? Or a cold?

All About That Mask

How do you feel when you see someone wearing a mask below their nose? Do you roll your eyes and move away? Do you dare say something to that non-mask wearing offender?

Black Friday Pop-Up Shop Starts At Midnight

This Black Friday through Cyber Monday, Healthwhiz Solutions is teaming up with several other businesses for a special Buy Blaque Friday Virtual Pop-Up Shop. Don’t miss your chance to get some amazing holiday gifts for family members, friends, customers, or even yourself.

Struggling with health care?

We can help.


We help you cut through red tape.

Insurance issues got you feeling down. Fearful of what might happen if you become ill. We get it. Health care takes up a lot of space in our lives, especially when we’re  struggling to deal with it alone. Our enrollment and wellness advisors are eager to provide direction, so you know EXACTLY what to do to have health care success. Whether you need us just for health insurance or ongoing care support—we are here for you every step of the way.

You’re in control of your health care when you work with us!

Managing health care is a team effort. We provide theresources and empower you to take charge of yourhealth care.


Health Insurance

Wellness Support


Experience the Healthwhiz difference

Dedicated Support

Your dedicated Wellness Concierge is always just a phone call away. This is your go-to when you have questions, need help scheduling appointments, researching providers, or need to connect with another member onour team.

Customized Planning

Tell us about your health insurance and care needs, and we’ll create a roadmap to get you to your desired result.

Knowledgeable Advisors

Friendly, professional and passionate, our advisors have a wealth of experience to assist our customers. All have expertise caring for seniors or persons with chronic medical needs. We leave no stone unturned!

Time Saved

With Healthwhiz watching over your health insurance and care, you’ll get valuable hours back in your day to focus on other important things.

Obstacles Eliminated

Need help filling out paperwork, scheduling a doctor appointment, arranging for transportation or negotiating a medical bill? Your wish is our command.

Data Secured

Our systems are permissions based, HIPAA compliant and fully encrypts all sensitive health information