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About Us

Bridging The Gap Between Coverage & Care


Hello, I'm Ruthlyn!

I know how to help you eliminate confusion about  insurance — without needing to be an expert.

There are some big misconceptions and myths about insurance.

Here’s what I want you to know.

Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated.

You simply need to know how to make the system work for your specific situation so that you can avoid those hefty penalties and coverage that does not address your needs.

We will teach you how to do that when you work with our Healthwhiz Solutions team.


Helping Families Make Informed Decisions

Our mission is simple: to help you eliminate guesswork and anxiety around coverage decisions, so you can have a more secured future.

We provide an array of personalized solutions, ranging from plan enrollment for health, life, disability and small group to support services for older adults, advance directive setup, appointment scheduling, and much more!


Your Insurance Problem Solver

Headquartered in Baldwin, NY, Healthwhiz Solutions represents clients throughout the New York metro area, providing them with insurance solutions and care navigation support.

We strive daily to take customers from confusion to clarity so they can make decisions about their coverage and care with confidence. 

Our enrollment advisors are certified by the America Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) and appointed with many of the top carriers to assist Medicare-eligible individuals with enrollment. 

Our advisors are also certified to assist individuals and employers with enrollment on and off the exchange.

In addition, we offer an array of Life, Disability, Travel Health and Small Employer Group Benefits through several carriers.

If you’re looking for an advisor who’ll focus on your needs, then you’ve come to the right place. 

What Makes Us Different

We Eliminate Gaps In Coverage & Care

The Healthwhiz Solutions Care Navigation Concierge Team takes a proactive approach in providing support that delivers valuable solutions for our individual and business clientele.

Our personalized, hands-on approach helps you overcome roadblocks to accessing care and treatment. But more importantly, you get greater control over your health care situations and more quality time with loved ones, especially during times of crisis.


Our Customers Are Always At the center of everything we do

We take pride in being trusted advisors to our customers.

With Healthwhiz Solutions in your corner, you can expect:

While every client situation is different, each started with a call.

Don’t wait. Take the next step to find out how you too can free yourself from insurance and health care worries.